Meet American Spoon


We are true Michiganders and we love promoting businesses from our home state.  But that's not the only reason we chose American Spoon in our Christmas Morning eku Box.  American Spoon is an all-natural preserves and condiments company that launched in the '80s. Chef Larry Forgione and Justine Rashid had a dream - to make the best fruit preserves in the world. We think they totally accomplished that.  Their artisan all-natural products are made the way our grandparents used to do it.  With no preservatives of fillers, their products burst with flavor.  Their jams are prepared by skilled cooks, by-hand in large copper kettles, made the traditional way.  Their quality and flavor are top-notch.  

We feature the Triple Berry Preserves in our Christmas Morning Box, made with juicy black raspberries, blueberries and glow strawberries (small, delicious sweet strawberries that are specially picked within a three-week period in June). Each berry sings individually and together it's an amazing jam to spread on toast, used to fill cakes, and it's are a welcome addition on pancakes.    

Speaking of pancakes, our Christmas Morning box also features the American Spoon Wheat and Malt Pancakes.  These pancakes have an earthy, nutty flavor, and they cook up light, airy and perfectly brown.