Dos & Don'ts of Client Gifting

Have you heard of Love Languages? There are 5 ways of receiving and expressing love. Everyone has a different love language, Ours happens to be gift giving. As a gifting company we know how to help our clients hit a home run with their gifting.

Psychology has proven that gift giving and receiving makes bonds stronger within relationships. That's why a lot of workplaces give bonuses or gifts to their employees, realtors gift closing gifts to clients. Gifting to loyal clients strengthens their loyalty within the relationship . Especially when they receive a thoughtful gift. By giving them something that is meaningful to them shows that you are observant and you care. That is important in any business relationship. Pay close attention to specifics that the clients mention while you are working with them. This includes hobbies, favorite restaurants, favorite wines and decor. 

...So here's some help with the do’s and don'ts of client gifting.

Do: Make it personal (but not too personal) look into things they're interested in, what they use daily such as favorite coffees, wines, their hobbies.

If they love to golf, our Talk Birdie To Me is the perfect little gift.

The Talk Birdie to me gift box is a great gesture gift for the golf lover.

If they love to cook - our Taste of Italy is a great option.

taste of Italy gift box for the lover of all things Italian.


Do: Include a handwritten note with a heartfelt message. Make it personal but not too personal. We think it's so important, we handwrite your personal note for all of your gifts.

Do: Plan ahead. The holiday season is the busiest time for gifting companies and if you do not plan ahead it can delay your deliveries and even limit your choices. Ordering gifts ahead of time allows you to take time to plan your gifts and will afford you the best options.

Do: Try to give a variety of gifts to match each person's personality. 

Don't: Give work products (pens, notebooks, logo coffee mugs) . Everybody has a life outside of work and deserves some fun or stress free gifts. Reserve the office gifts for onboarding or promotion gifts. 


Do: Give gifts like experiences - trips, yoga classes, concerts, cooking class etc... 

yoga classes or a yoga getaway

Don't: Overdo it. Too much … can be overwhelming. You want your gift to be appropriate. There are occasions that an extravagant gift is warranted, but overall be generous with balance.