Shop Employee gifts for co-workers, clients, corporate events. Send them gifts they are going to love.Shop unique gifts for employees.Shop Employee gifts for co-workers, clients, corporate events. Send them gifts they are going to love.Shop unique gifts for employees.

Gifts for the Office

Every responsible employer understands the significance of showing gratitude to the people who contribute to a smooth operation. We have carefully curated a selection of gifts for the office staff and unique employee gifts that highlight your team's value. Whether you prefer a small token or a grand gesture, we offer a range of options, including onboarding gifts, unique retirement gifts, promotion gifts, holiday gifts, or simple thank-yous for a job well done. We can even customize something exclusive just for you. Our gifts will demonstrate how much you appreciate your team.

On Site or Work from Home Gift Boxes

Office Sweet

This is one sweet office gift box. Show your staff/team you appreciate all they do. This gift has a tech kit, a modern note pad, Well-Kept screen cleansing towelettes, LePen and a delicious sweet treat. It all adds up to one great gift. $80.

Work from Home

Create a reputation for outstanding workplace culture by letting your team know you care.Whether they are working from home or back in the office this is the perfect onboarding gift to get your new employees starting on the right foot. Great for promotion gift too! $169.

Blackout Office

Our Black Out Office gift box is designed to enhance productivity.  Each item is built for efficiency & organization with a modern twist. Because good design helps you work smarter. From the sweet treat to the Retro 51 Vintage inspired pen, each piece in this box will be thoroughly enjoyed. $195.


Gourmet Gift Boxes

Morning Brew

Step up their morning game with this elegant assortment of goodies, complete with all the essentials needed for an inspired start to the day. This is one gift that's sure to put a smile on their face - talk about spoiling them! $230

The Breakfast Club

They work hard - send them a breakfast that will make their mornings more decadent and delicious. We've hunted down the best small-batch, traditionally-made breakfast products to make sure they start their day off right. From $198.

Olive Oil Dipping Set

Step aside, boring office gifts! The Olive Oil Dipping Set is here to spice up your gifting game. This set includes everything they need for a delicious olive oil dipping experience. Your colleagues will be impressed with your thoughtful gift - and your excellent taste! From $120..


Comforting Gifts

Sending Hugs

This is the perfect gift when you want to send a little comfort to someone. Cozy socks, a pashmina made in Italy, Bellocq tea from Brooklyn, unscented organic handmade soap, ginger drops to settle the tummy, a modern coloring book with 50 watercolor pencils and more. $245.

Send A Comforting Soup & Cookie Box

Looking to send a comforting box to a co-worker or employee? Share this soul-soothing care package to extend your support to a colleague in need. This thoughtful gift envelops them in warmth with nourishing soup, ideal for conveying your well wishes. Alongside the delicious soup, this heartwarming package includes chocolate chip, a charming soup crock with a cozy to keep it warm, and a cozy blanket to add an extra layer of comfort to their space. Elevate their spirits and well-being with this all-encompassing care package. $168

Sweet Dream Ritual

We all know the importance of a good night's sleep. Give the gift that will enhance relaxation and sleep. $225.


Wellness Gifts

Stressed Out!

Who's not stressed out these days. Anyone can use this box to help them relax and add some zen to their life. Carefully chosen, each product will aid in stress relief. $145.


Give a gift that will facilitate renewal & revitalization. This beautiful gift box has everything they need for an at home spa experience. $130.

Nourish & Flourish

Self-care begins inside the body, and this wellness gift is a great start to help supplement the road to healthier living. Each item in our ekuBOX is meant to nurture, restore, and balance the body so that it can perform in tip-top shape. $325.


Spa Gift Sets

Pretty in Pink Luxe Mini Spa

This is one of our most popular spa box sets. Filled with fabulous products. A perfect gift for pampering someone special. $145.

Relax & Unwind Luxe Spa Set

Looking for a way to really spoil someone special? This is the perfect choice! This luxurious gift set comes packed in a huge box that's over 17 inches long, and it's chock full of amazing artisan products that will help the recipient relax and unwind. Whether they need a little R&R after a tough week or month, or they just deserve some pampering, this gift is sure to please. $325.

Relax & Unwind Small Spa Set

Send the gift of relaxation. When it’s time to draw a bath, pour a glass of wine and turn up the tunes, our Relax & Unwind gift box will do the rest. $155.

The Gentleman's Gift Box

What guy couldn't use a little pampering? This gentlemen's spa kit is filled with products to help any guy get his groom on. $90.

Men's Luxe Travel Set

Our men's travel grooming kit includes everything he needs to maintain his style away from home. A Jack Black Skincare set, a spectacular Ballistic Nylon and Leather Dopp kit filled with everything he needs while he's away.  $375.

Dapper Dude

This men's gift set will keep him looking dapper. Get ready to see him looking sharp and feeling awesome. $148


Celebration Gifts

Happy Birthday!

When just a card won't do - send a lovely Birthday box. All perfectly packaged. Includes a Birthday Card with your handwritten note. $145.

Wine Lovers

The is a great gift for wine drinkers. Our Wine Lover's Gift Box is sure to please the palate of the wine connoisseur or the novice alike.  For those who love a deep red or a crisp white, this box will perfectly accompany their favorite vino. $265.

Just Add Bourbon

This bourbon gift set has bourbon cocktail cherries, King Floyds bitters, a stainless steel jigger, bourbon infused jerky and crunchy pecans. Everything the bourbon lover will enjoy - just add bourbon. $98.


The Importance of Employee Gifts in Modern Business Culture

Recognizing Hard Work and Showing Appreciation

Gifts for the office staff, such as work anniversary gifts and holiday gifts for employees, are a crucial component of modern business culture. They serve as a meaningful gesture of appreciation and recognition for hardworking employees. The benefits of giving employees unique gifts are numerous and can positively impact your business in a variety of ways.

Increased Employee Engagement

One significant benefit of giving gifts to employees is increased employee engagement. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to be motivated to work harder and contribute to the success of your business. According to the Harvard Business Review, "A decade of research proves that happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements."

Improved Employee Retention

Additionally, offering meaningful gifts for employees can improve employee retention, as they will feel more committed to their work and more likely to stay with your company long-term. The Coresight Survey showed that 41% of respondents said giving employee gifts improved employee retention.

Gifts for Office Staff and their Positive Impact on Company Cluture

Another benefit of providing unique gifts for employees is the positive impact on company culture. A company that values and appreciates its employees fosters a positive and supportive work environment. This, in turn, can lead to increased teamwork, collaboration, and productivity, as well as a greater sense of loyalty among employees. The Coresight Survey also showed that 80% of respondents said gifting had improved employee relationships.

Holiday Gifts for Office Staff

Holiday gifts for office staff are also an excellent way to show appreciation and spread cheer during the festive season. They provide a unique opportunity to connect with employees on a personal level and demonstrate that you value them not only as employees but as people. According to the Coresight Survey, 48% of respondents said gifting yielded substantial benefits, and 45% reported that the primary benefit was that the recipient felt substantially more valued.

Choosing Meaningful and Unique Gifts

When selecting gifts for staff, it's essential to choose something meaningful and unique that reflects your company's values and culture. Consider personalized gifts that recognize the recipient's individuality or gifts that align with your company's mission and goals.

Gving gifts to your office staff is an effective way to show appreciation and recognition for their hard work. It can positively impact your business by increasing employee engagement, improving retention, fostering a positive work environment, and demonstrating your company's values and culture. By investing in unique and meaningful gifts for employees, you can create a more committed and motivated workforce that contributes to the overall success of your business.