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Get Well Soon Gift Boxes

Our get well packages are a unique and heartfelt way to show that you care.

Send a Getwell Package

La Vie en Rose

Give them roses that won't fade. This gift is inspired by the French phrase which means seeing life through rose-colored glasses. This gift box makes the perfect get well soon gift, it will surely lift their spirits and make them feel loved. $69.

Sweet Blossom

This jewel of a gift is perfect when a get well card just won't do. This makes for a sweet get well soon package.

Sunflower Sweetness

Send a Delightful Sunflower Surprise! This charming gift is not just for the moment; they can plant the candle box and watch sunflowers bloom. $79.


Inspire Wellness & Send Comfort


Our Wellness Box is a great start to help supplement the road to healthier living. Each item in our ekuBOX is meant to nurture, restore, and balance the body so that it can perform in tip-top shape. This makes a wonderful get well soon care package. $325

Caring Comfort Soup Box

Send a Care Package to someone who needs a little TLC. This Soup Box doesn't stop at soup and cookies. It has so much more! It's such a comforting soup gift. $168.

Sending Hugs

Looking for a comforting gift? This is such a thoughtful wellness package. It comes with cozy socks, a pashmina made in Italy, Bellocq tea from Brooklyn, organic handmade soap, ginger drops to settle the tummy, a modern coloring book with 50 watercolor pencils and more... Great for someone who is under the weather, or to encourage some well needed relaxation. Starting at $225.


Pamper Them

Mini Spa

Looking for a special gift to wish someone well? Look no further than our Mini Spa gift set! This beautiful box comes with everything needed for a relaxing spa experience. $95.


Give a gift that will facilitate renewal & revitalization. This beautiful gift box is filled with fabulous artisan body products, a lovely candle, and homemade praline pecans for a sweet southern treat. It's the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who could use a little lift, whether they're feeling under the weather or just need a little boost.

Relax & Unwind

Know someone who's under the weather? Help them relax and unwind with this luxe spa set. It has been thoughtfully curated with artisan products. They can light the candle, take a bath and have a sweet treat. Who wouldn't feel better after that? $155.


Help them to Relax, Unwind and Heal

They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift, it's perfect for the person who deserves to be surrounded by luxury. This makes for a luxurious get well soon care package. It is filled with a variety of high-end products from bath bombs to luxurious soaps and a 16" exfoliating Tree Brush. this box has everything they need to relax and rejuvenate. $325.
Mini Luxe Spa

This get well soon care package provides them with a great way to celebrate those quiet moments of self-care. Filled with a Voluspa candle, lip care kit, face sheet mask, spongelle, eucalyptus Spongelle body wash infused sponge, and champagne gummies. It's the perfect way to let someone indulge in some much needed me time. $145.

The Guys need pampering too!

This luxe spa set is the great way to help him take some me time and encourage some quiet moments of self-care while he is in re-boot mode. This box is filled with everything he needs to keep looking and feeling his best. Lift his spirits and wish him well with this gift. $158.

Sweet Dream Ritual

We all know the importance of a good night's sleep. Give the gift that will enhance relaxation and sleep. This makes a fantastic get well soon care package. $225.

Stress Out!

Looking for a unique get well soon gift idea? This is it! This gift box is for the guy or gal that needs some well deserved stress relief. Cuz who's not sressed out these days? Each product is carefully chosen to help aid in stress relief. $145.

Guardian Angel Mouse

How sweet is this! A great little gift for anyone who needs some comfort, or needs to know they are not alone and you are thinking of them. This little angel mouse comes in a guardian angel book for storage. $59.


Send a Comforting Gourmet Gift

Morning Brew

Wish them well with this thoughtful gift and let them know you're thinking of them every step of the way. This get well care package comes complete with everything they need for a perfect cup of tea or coffee, including including a moka pot and espresso cups. $230

The Breakfast Club

Looking for a get well package that the whole family will enjoy? This gourmet breakfast gift basket is a thoughtful way to show someone you care. This gift box is packed with delicious breakfast goodies, perfect for cheering up any food lover. So why not send them a little bit of comfort. It may be just what the Doctor ordered.

From $198.


Customer Love


Outstanding from Start to Finish

We received this as a gift and enjoyed everything - from the beautiful, quality packaging to the unique, premium products. The specialty honey, syrup, and preserves made the pancakes beyond restaurant tasty! It was nice to have everything in the house for a cozy brunch on a chilly day.

Amy E

Perfect Housewarming Gift

My friend closed on her dream home recently, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with her. I came across ekubox and absolutely fell in love with the aesthetic and loved all the beautifully curated boxes. Everything seemed so high quality. She was over the moon when she received our gifts. Everything was incredibly high quality, the ordering process was seamless, The personal touch was more than I expected, and made the whole process even better.

Karen L

The love and care that goes into an EKU box is evident even before you open it. But when you do, the personalized cards and gorgeous arrangement of the gifts and packing materials really stands out. It’s almost too appealing to take apart! I received one and now I am a forever fan and customer.

Carol B

Excellent customer service and quality!

We purchased the Spanish Paella gift box as a 50th birthday present for our friend. The customer service was excellent! They even reached out to see if I wanted a handwritten note included. The birthday girl absolutely loved it and said the packaging was beautiful and that she would recommend EKU box in the future.

Starling B

Why send a get well soon care package? 

Sending a get well soon box or care package to someone is a thoughtful and kind gesture that can help show your support and bring a smile to their face during a difficult time. Whether someone is recovering from an illness or injury, experiencing stress, or simply going through a challenging period in their life, a get well soon package can serve as a reminder that they are not alone and that someone is thinking of them. Ultimately, sending a care package is a way to show someone that you care about them and want to help brighten their day.

Caring Comfort Soup Box - this box is perfect for anyone who needs some TLC. Our Caring Comfort Soup Box is a warm and thoughtful gesture, packed with nourishing, bone broth soup that will wrap them in comfort. It's the perfect way to show you care, whether it's for a get-well wish, a comforting thought, or simply to send warmth and love. Along with the delicious soup, this heartwarming gift includes much more.

Sending Hugs Gift Box - is one of our most popular gift boxes. It’s a fantastic get well package filled with everything from an adult coloring book and colored pencils to, comfy socks and therapy putty. It’s the perfect gift box for soothing the mind and body.

  • Free Spirit Gift Box - this unique wellness gift box will help them take care of the body, mind and spirit.

  • Help them to Relax & Unwind with one of our fabulous spa gift sets. Choose from the small or large luxury gift box. Both are filled with artisan spa products, perfect to help them relax and unwind.

  • The Breakfast Club – This is a get well gift the whole family will enjoy. Filled with the most delicious gourmet breakfast treats, this get well gift will surly please.