Paula, the founder and proprietor of eku Box and our Chief Gift Guru, is our resident expert on all things fabulous. With 20 years of experience as a restauranteur and 8 years in the fashion and beauty industry, she knows a good product when she sees one. Whether hosting in her home, creating a unique restaurant experience, or suggesting fashion products, she is the one we turn to for recommendations for the "perfect something". She loves sharing her favorite indulgences with others and giving gifts that are certain to hit the mark. And that's how eku Box was born!

Through the practice of gift giving Paula has found that the most appreciated gifts are both indulgent and long lasting. That's why eku Box has curated each gift box to provide purposeful items you can be excited to give - without fluff or fillers.

It's gifting made easy! Choose from one of the expertly curated boxes and let eku Box take care of the rest. Each box is beautiful from the outside - in, as unwrapping the box is an experience in itself. From the keepsake, branded box; to the satin, double-back ribbon; to the handwritten note; the wow factor begins before the lid is even popped! Peel back the tissue paper to then discover Paula's most fabulous picks. Always something to eat, something to keep and something to use!