The Importance of Appreciation Gifts for Business Growth

Appreciation is a fundamental human need that drives engagement and improves performance. A simple act of acknowledging your employee's hard work can significantly impact your business success. Employee appreciation gifts are an excellent way to show your staff that you value their contributions and hard work. In this article, we'll discuss the importance of employee appreciation gifts in today's businesses and offer suggestions for successful gift-giving.

Why Employee Appreciation Gifts Matter

Studies show that appreciated employees are more engaged, productive, and less likely to quit their jobs. The Harvard Business Review reported that happiness raises nearly every business outcome, including increasing sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and task accuracy by 19%. Additionally, employee appreciation gifts improve employee relationships, retention, and create a positive work environment.

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More fuel for thought - the Coresight Survey showed that 80% of respondents said that gifting had improved employee relationships, 48% said gifting yielded substantial benefits, 45% reported that the primary benefit was that the recipient felt substantially more valued.  41% of respondents said it improved employee retention. A little extra acknowledgement towards your employees can go a long way.

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Successful Gift-Giving Suggestions

Planning ahead is essential for successful gift-giving. Consider gifts that appeal to everyone if you have a large staff. It's also essential to customize your gifts, making them unique and personal. For smaller staff, make your gift-giving more personal by focusing on their hobbies, passions, or family. Old-fashioned gift baskets and branded items are less appealing to employees. Gifts that are thoughtful, useful, or bring joy to the recipient will be more appreciated.

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Gift Ideas

Gift cards are an excellent choice for satisfying everyone, especially if the gift card is for a desirable experience like a spa treatment, wine club, or dinner at a restaurant. Let your employees choose their own event tickets or treat them to a self-care gift box. Tech-focused gifts are also appreciated, but personalized gift boxes, like those from ekuBOX, can be tailored to your company's ethos and aesthetic.

 A few gifting ideas:

  • Gift cards - A gift card may seem unimaginative, but it is a great way to satisfy everyone if the gift card is for something desirable like a spa treatment, a wine club or for dinner at a well known restaurant. You may want to give them a choice. Our e-gift cards are perfect for this. Your recipients can pick their own themed gift box, and with over 60 curated gift boxes to choose from, there's something for everyone.

  • Event tickets - Let them choose their event. Give them a few choices like Concerts or Sports Events.
  • Pamper them - With everyone so stressed, self care gift boxes have been super successful for our clients.
  • Tech - With everyone in every industry so connected to their tech products - tech focused gifts are always a welcome gift.
  • Curated Gift Boxes - That's where we come in. At ekuBOX, we create gift boxes that can be tailored for your company. We will work with you to customize the gifts so they represent your brand. With our products, designs, and expertise, we take all the stress out of employee gift giving.

Make sure you finish your gift off with a handwritten card.

Make your message meaningful and personal, and always keep it professional.

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Why ekuBOX is the Perfect Solution

At ekuBOX, we specialize in creating curated gift boxes that can be customized to your company's brand. Our over 60 ready-to-ship gift boxes, like The Breakfast Club Gourmet Gift Box, Wellness, and Morning Brew gift boxes, are just a few of our most popular items. We work with you to design a gift that embodies your company's values and is unique to your employees. We take all the stress out of gift-giving, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Employee appreciation gifts are a proven way to motivate, engage, and retain your employees. Showing your staff that they are an important part of your team and that their hard work is appreciated will significantly improve your business's performance. Successful gift-giving requires planning ahead, personalization, and thoughtfulness. At ekuBOX, we are committed to making your next gifting event a success, with personalized and unique gifts that align with your company's ethos and values.