When do I give a gift? Our guideline to the art of gifting continues…



Do I need to bring a gift?


 Bridal Shower – Bring a gift? Well of course! That’s what the shower is for – showering the bride with the gifts she needs to start her new life.


Intimate Shower – Yep! They expect you to shower them with lingerie and sexy little gifts to get their honeymoon off to an interesting start,


Engagement Party – not required, but a little token is nice, like a little picture frame with their photo in it or a wedding planning book might be well received. Even a bottle of wine or bubbly will work nicely. Or if your budget has already exceeded its limit - keep it simple and bring a sweet congratulatory card.


Wedding – Required!  You must bring or send a gift.


Anything else like rehearsal dinner, bachelorette or bachelor parties do not require you to bring a gift.


Here’s a question we have asked ourselves on many occasions – Am I obligated to send a wedding gift if I cannot attend the wedding? You are not obligated to send a gift. However, that question ultimately depends on your relationship to the bride and groom. If they are close to you, then send them a gift. A bit more distant, a nice congratulatory token is appropriate. If they are distant to you, then no gift is necessary. Always RSVP early so they can make the appropriate arrangements, and a congratulatory card is a nice addition to the decline.



Guest at a party -  If you are going to someone’s home for a party – you should absolutely bring a gift. Giving a gift serves as a thank you for their hospitality. The gift can be super simple like a bottle of wine or a candle.


Party with a guest of honor – like a birthday or retirement party – It is a nice gesture to bring a gift. The gift should be for the person or persons that the dinner is celebrating, not for the person who is hosting the party.


Housewarming – always bring a gift that will appropriately welcome them to their new home or your first visit to their home. A candle, something for the kitchen or a food product. Or something a bit more elaborate like a Perfectly Parisian eku Box. A bottle of wine, a candle a little set of fancy soaps are always nice. The Perfectly Parisian curated gift box by eku Box is a great example of a themed housewarming gift. Perfect when you're visiting someone's new home for the first time. It has a lovely hand towel with the coordinates of Paris. A French picnic salt, which is traditionally is given to keep their life flavorful. The salt is accompanied by a salt cellar. 


Houseguest – if you are a guest at someone’s home a gift is a must. Give them a token of your appreciation for letting you stay with them. It can be something for their home or something more personal, like a facial or a little spa box. This is the Give Her Roses Spa Box by eku Box. Something for her to relax and unwind after her company is gone.


Graduation – if you are sent an invitation to a graduation party or even just the ceremony you are expected to give a gift – even if you don’t attend.

Gift ideas - Well we know everyone loves CASH, but, sometimes it's nice to give something with a bit more depth. Our eku Box travel kits are great for the college graduate as they move into the corporate world. Our Brainiac is also a fun curated gift box for the graduate. It has a fabulous Retro 51 pen that features Einstein's theory of relativity with E=MC2 print on a stonewashed trim. It has a trademarked knurl twist-top and smooth rollerball, a notebook for their BIG ideas, Einstein sox, a brainiac wooden puzzle and some IQ Bars for brain power. 

New Baby - If you are invited to a baby shower - of course a gift is expected. If you are not attending or have not been invited it is still a lovely gesture to send or give a token gift to welcome the new baby if it is their first child. We always suggest buying from their gift registry, however, on some occasions you may just want to do something different. Our eku Box Luxe baby box is a fantastic example on how to give something unique and totally upscale and different. We make them for baby girls in pink, boys in blue and neutral baby in grey. We include a Little Giraffe baby blanket, Little Giraffe lovey, handmade Italian leather baby shoes and more! 

We also do a more simplified version as well - equally wonderful.


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