Fall Gift Baskets - Send the Perfect Fall Gift

Autumn is a season of crisp air and cozy moments. There's something undeniably charming about the transition from summer to fall, and what better way to celebrate it than with a thoughtfully curated autumn-themed gift box? Let's explore our Autumn Harvest Bliss gift box, featuring maple leaf cookies, apple butter, caramels, and a pear-shaped candle. Whether you're looking for a delightful fall gift basket or planning a cozy night in, this gift box has you covered. Remember - the best gift baskets come in a box - an ekuBOX!

Autumn curated gift box

Maple Leaf Shaped Cookies: A Sweet Taste of Autumn

  • Start your journey through this autumn gift box with a taste of the season. Rustic Bakery's maple leaf cookies are the perfect embodiment of fall's rich, earthy flavors. Rustic Bakery is an artisan bakery that uses real maple syrup and all natural ingredients. Dive into their deliciousness and taste the flavors of fall.

Apple Butter: Spreading the Warmth of Fall

  • Apple butter is an essential fall treat, offering a blend of sweet and spiced apple goodness. This jam is by a small, family-owned company and Michigan favorite, American Spoon. Considering we are from Michigan, we love its products for many reasons. It tastes like old fashioned jams that grandma used to make. American Spoon works with Michigan farmers who grow the fruit they use in its products! Savor the comforting flavors that make it a staple during this season. 

    Caramels: A Chewy Indulgence

    • Caramels are a timeless favorite, and when they're homemade, they become even more special. A sweet treat to indulge in and let the taste of fall make your tastebuds jump for joy. Mouth Party sure lives up to its name. They use minimal ingredients to create a maximum flavor. 

    Pear-Shaped Candle: Setting the Cozy Mood

    • Choosing the perfect candle for autumn ambience is made easy with ekuBOX. Lighting a candle can instantly transform your space into a warm and inviting haven. This pear-shaped candle can add a touch of elegance and beautiful decor to your home this season. This candle can stay lit for hours and is the perfect addition to your home this fall season.

    The Joy of Seasonal Gifting

    • Explore the joy of giving and receiving seasonal gifts. Fall is one of the most loved and cherished seasons of all. Keep your friends and family warm this season with a gift box full of fun treats to make their day. Especially those who don't get to experience the trees changing colors, falling leaves and trips to the pumpkin patch for fresh donuts and cider. Share that feeling of fall!

    Autumn is a season to savor, and an autumn-themed gift box filled with maple leaf cookies, apple butter, caramels, and a pear-shaped candle is the perfect way to do just that. Whether you're indulging in these delights yourself or sharing them with loved ones, the warmth and flavors of fall will make your autumn experience truly unforgettable. So, unwrap your gift box, ignite that pear-shaped candle, and embrace the beauty of the season with ekuBOX.