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The Science of Sleep. Why we curated a box to inspire a full nights rest.

Are you getting enough hours of sleep?

If it’s not 8, it’s not great. 

Studies show sleep is the cornerstone of good health.  Getting the proper amount of zzz’s is such a great benefit to our bodies and allows for so much internal healing!  When you rest, your body goes into action, repairing and rejuvenating itself. Some of the health benefits include: repairing our cardiovascular, immune, musculoskeletal and other systems, regulating blood pressure, controlling appetite, and keeping our brains and neurons firing properly, enhancing critical thinking and memory creation and retention.    

For some of us, 8 hours can seem daunting.  If you have a new infant at home, a stressful job, or suffer from insomnia (or you know someone who has), the struggle for a good night's sleep can seem almost impossible.  But there are things you can do to sleep better or inspire sleep for someone else.  This is why we curated our Sweet Dreams Gift Box.  It helps to create a nightly ritual that gets your body ready for serious relaxation. Our box is filled with products that help you set the proper tone for a great night's rest. Draw a bath, have a cup of Egyptian Chamomile Tea, Spritz your pillow with lavender spray and pop on an eye mask to lull into a full night of dreaming. 

Here are a few facts about sleep that will inspire you to make it a major priority:

1. We sleep in waves

 Most of us have heard about NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement)  and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep cycles, which, like waves, are the cycles in which we sleep.  What you may not know is that our body cycles in and out of these different phases over and over through the night, each time fine-tuning your system, allowing you to run like a well-oiled machine.    Each cycle happens during a different stage of sleep and each is equally as important as the next. When you go to bed late or have to wake up early, you lose one or more of these cycles and end up missing out on its function, which means you miss a lot more sleep benefits than you might initially think.  

2. Sleep repairs memory

Think of your brain as a giant filing cabinet, with your neurons acting like little secretaries. Each night they run to and fro, taking all the information you consumed from the day and sort it, getting rid of things you don’t need (hopefully not this article) and keeping the most important information.  This is why studying for a test prior to going to bed is so useful.  Sleep helps your brain retain that information. 

3. Sleep can you keep you from getting sick

While we sleep our body is rejuvenating, repairing and recovering our immune system, reducing inflammation and helping your body fight off infection.  


Given its importance, what better gift can you give than creating an environment conducive to good sleep?  Our Sweet Dreams Gift Box is a great gift for new parents, someone who is coming down with or getting over an illness, students, or anyone suffering from insomnia.  

Give your loved one the gift of sleep.