The Science of Giving

What we give as gifts says a lot about us. Are we thoughtful? Soulful? Superficial? Did we nail it? Or did we miss the mark completely? The fact is - gifting helps build relationships both personally and professionally. A good gift can really make an impact. A gift garners recognition that benefits both the receiver and the giver as well. So, before you give your next gift, here are some things to think about.

eku Box Curated Gift Boxes

Multiple studies have shown that all too often the giver is driven by their own emotional needs when giving a gift. The giver is looking for a strong emotional reaction from the recipient and thus choosing gifts that will elicit that positive response they are looking for. We all want that “wow” factor. We want to see the receiver light up and get excited because we’ve chosen such an amazing gift - the “perfect” gift. Unfortunately, most people are guided by their need to see the receiver’s positive response instead of actually giving a gift that is needed or wanted long after the gift is opened. We’ve all experienced this as the receiver of the gift. Looks good at first and then you think… what the heck am I going to do with this? What was he was he thinking?

 In a nutshell - as the giver, chose something on a deeper level. Something that might seem quite boring like a book or a hairbrush would actually make the person much happier. We tend to forget that idea because we want that “wow” reaction, even if that only services our own needs, not theirs.

 Our goal at eku Box is to do both. To give you as the giver the satisfaction of the “wow” and give the receiver gifts that are truly thoughtful and purposeful. Something that the receiver will use and enjoy long after the “wow” factor is gone. Also, something they will use and enjoy on many different levels. That’s why we incorporate the eat    keep     use.

 The “eat” gives the receiver an immediate gratification and effects their sense of smell and taste. That sensory overload creates a beautiful memory and, in many cases, as in a jar of honey or jam, it will linger long after the box has been opened as the receiver will be able to enjoy this item over and over again.

The “keep” – we love to include an item to keep.  Something that the receiver really will want, like our beautiful olive wood cutting board imported from France. It’s not your ordinary cutting board, it’s an impressive piece. The recipient will be reminded of your gift for years to come. The “keep” is something that is both useful and memorable.

 The “use” is something to use and enjoy, like a wonderful candle or a beautiful body butter. It is enjoyable on many levels.

 In conclusion – we try to hit all the right marks with our curated boxes. Whether you give an eku Box in person or not, you can be assured that the recipient will have that “wow” factor.  It starts with our exquisite presentation, it’s impressive. When they open the gift, they will find items that will touch them on many different levels, so it will be both exciting and useful. We like to call it soulful gifting.