No Matter your relationship status, Valentine's Day is for everyone.

Let's admit it, no matter if you are single or taken, Valentine's Day can get a bit tedious, stressful and dare we say overkill (Flower prices surge).   How did the day of love end up being so stressful?  

When we decided to curate gift boxes, we tried our best to think about everything, every stage of your life, whether you are celebrating your independence or working on your third child together (and everyone in between) each box was designed to send just the right message.  

The Galentine's Day box - For the single lady

Often when we think of relationships, we focus on the romantic, but in reality, your friendships, the close ties you have with the people in your life, are just as important to your health and well being as your romantic life is (it may be even more healthy).

Our Galentine's Day Gift Box sweet gesture to send to a friend and serves as a celebration to all the women who have supported you in your life.  


Baci Baci - Be My Valentine - The Luke-warm relationship

This is a great option for a friend, or a new partner, for when it's kind-of-getting serious, but you aren't sure how serious yet, when lingerie is too forward but chocolates are too dull.  Baci means kiss in Italian, this box is just like that.  


Give her Roses- Full blow relationship

We curated this box as an ode to our favorite flower.  This box is roses on 10,000!  Also, as I am sure you know, for all the women receiving flowers to their office, if you get this box, you totally win that competition.  


Date Night Box - When you are oh so hot & heavy - or things have gotten a tad bit stale

Our Date Night Box is the gift that can keep on giving to your love life.  This box was curated with a hot night in mind, and with just a bit of preparation, you can design a night of passion. 



Our entire goal is to inspire LOVE, and deep down, that's what Valentine's Day really means.  It should be a celebration of love for all, for oneself or the person who uplifts you and brings you joy.  Happy celebrating.