Looking for date night ideas? Let our Date Night Gift box be your 3rd wheel.

We get it. Planning the perfect date night can get a bit stressful, and it's easy to run out of ideas.  But not to worry.  ēku BOX has you covered!  We've designed the perfect Date Night gift box to enjoy for your Valentine's Day, anniversary, or just for a night of fun!  

This box has all the ingredients for a night of passion and fun, without blinking an eye. Once you order this box, there are two avenues you can take.  You can either buy the box and present it as a gift or you can buy the box for yourself and prep for the night beforehand.  We suggest the latter.  

Below, we have put together a few tips to plan an evening that will make you blush the next morning.  

Step 1: Prep for dinner

Pick a recipe from the Date Night Cookbook.  There are a few gems in this book that we really love, but we suggest the All Dressed Up And Nowhere to Go dinner.  Check out the recipe and purchase your ingredients.  Don't forget to buy ingredients for dessert.  The Fondue for 2 can be paired with fresh strawberries, marshmallows, pound cake or anything else (use your imagination!).    

Step 2: Make your dinner together

We love the idea of cooking together, so layout and prep your ingredients to make it easy for the two of you to make the meal as a team.  

Step 3: Don't forget dessert

This is when the fun begins.  Chocolate is a mood enhancer so dip away with delight.  Pair this dessert with the first game, I Dare you.  It consists of 30 sealed cards with sexy dares, conversation starters, and intimate activities to get your night off to a full swing.   

Step 4: Set the mood

In another room (preferably the bedroom) light the Dead Sexy candle, dim the lights, put on some music and give your home that date night ambiance.  

Step 5: Let's Get Physical

Now the serious fun begins.  Take your Role Playing Dice game and your Feather Tickler and your massage oil and use your imagination.  You see where this is going... 

Step 5: The Next Morning

Make the breakfast scones and jam, wear your face masks, then spend the morning in bed.  Don't worry about the calories. You've earned it.  

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