Let's end terrible gifting: How ēku Box curates the perfect gift.

 We've all been there, the false smile, the downtrodden look or the "short" thanks, let's just admit it, getting a bad gift,  doesn't bring out the best in most people.  But why does it happen? Because gift-giving is hard. You have to know sizes, what they like, what they don't have, the journey for something perfect can start to feel overwhelming and impossible.

This is exactly the experience we wanted to change when we created EKU Box.  

When your excitement level is just as high as the person receiving the gift you know you nailed it, and we want to give you that experience.

Each box is curated to provide items that people actually want, we aren't about fluff and we aren't about fillers. We put our products through the test and boy are we brutal.  Here is a brief overview of how we hand-craft each EKU Box.  

 Our logic is built on three major components: Eat, Keep & Use (see what we did there?). 


We seek to make the tastebuds sing, so we went on a serious hunt and sought out nothing short of perfection. The Halva in our Hanukkah box is crumbly, full of sweet pistachios and the best we have ever tried, the sweet caramels in our Tea Box are creamy, sticky, chewy and a full spiritual caramel experience. From sparkling Rosé gummy bears to savory Tomato Jam, we have covered the palate perfectly.  


To truly enhance the gifting experience there has to be one item that the giftee can keep, a treasured memento, but also, something practical that won't turn to clutter or junk. Like our carved olive wood serving board imported from France in our Entertaining Box and the stainless steel dual lunch carrier in our Wellness Box, we offer items people actually want, need, will use and cherish.   


When you get a great gift you want to instantly dive into the experience, so we offer something fun to use. The incredible Spongellé triple treatment sponge in our Give her Roses Box offer an epic shower experience while our SoohYang La Vie En Rose candle is incredibly indulgent, with notes of red rose petals and green leaves.  

What we are truly trying to say here, is that we seek to provide an experience beyond traditional gifting.  As our tagline says, we believe in soulful gifting, and our hope is no matter the event, the person you give a gift should feel really appreciated.