How to Give the Best Gift This Valentine's Day 2021

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The season of love presents the perfect occasion to show your significant other just how much they mean to you. Now, don’t make the mistake of limiting this opportunity to share the love to just your S.O. You may have many special people in your life to give to, such as your mom, dad, grandparent, BFF, or someone who has made a powerful impact on your life.

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging regardless of who you are gifting. To give the perfect gift, you may need to dig deep to figure out the best gift for that person. Which brings us to the question – how do we figure that out? And what makes a gift special?

First – the gift should be thoughtful and meaningful to the recipient. It should be considerate of the person’s interests. Ask yourself - will this bring them joy? Will it bring a smile to their face? Touching their heart and recognizing their needs really shows how much you care. Think back to a time when you received a gift that was so off. So not you. It's something we've all experienced. Didn’t that make you feel like the person didn't get you at all? It’s such a letdown. Your goal is to do the exact opposite. Hit the mark with every gift you give. It’s not as hard as it seems.

Be observant. Look and listen. If someone tells you what they want - listen. If they don’t tell you, don’t be afraid to ask. Also, watch for clues. If you look and listen it can really make gift giving so much easier. If you know the person always has a book with them, well now your job of finding a perfect gift is so much easier. Maybe you buy them a book, or maybe it’s a cool reading light that attaches to a book, or maybe it’s a lovely book marker. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be thoughtful.

Presentation is key! Don’t slap something together, or hand it over in a plastic bag. You can make the simplest gift super special by how you present it. Let’s use the example of the bookmark. Put the bookmark in a little box with a beautiful ribbon and a sprig of a fresh flower or herbs. Tie a candy bar on top. Again, it’s about what the person loves. If they love chocolate, then add that to the top of the gift. It’s the little things that speak volumes. That’s something we focus on at ekuBOX. From the moment the recipient sees the shipping box, they know there’s something special in there. And it just gets better with every layer. From the hand-tied lavender bouquets on the spa boxes to the dried roses inside the box. They are delighted every step of the way. Which leads us to the next tip – Make your gift an experience.

An experience may be a trip, it may be a concert, or it may be a collection of things that make up an experience. That’s what we do at ekuBOX.. We also love to create boxes that are themed. We build an experience around that theme.  We sometimes include a book and then complement it with everything they need to experience that book – like a cookbook with all the ingredients to make one dish and then give them the plates to serve them on. You can do that as well, or we can make it easy on you and do it for you. Here's an example of one of our ekuBOXes. This is our Wellness Gift Box. It's a great gift for someone who's health conscious, or perhaps someone who is just starting out on their wellness journey. We've included a great cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow along with a fantastic lunch box container to take their healthy meals with them wherever they go. The infusion thermos is great for making tea (also included in the box) or infusing their drinks with fruit or herbs. The honey is a special Manuka honey collected in New Zealand and it has super powers!! It is a 300 mcg so it has antibacterial properties. And that's not all - there's more! We've included  detox bath salts and a gourmet artisan choclate bar encrusted with sunflower seeds and crunchy kale. Now that's digging deep! 
handwritten card, i love you

Don’t forget the card! A heartfelt card can make a huge impact! Let them know how you feel. A fantastic card can be the icing on the cake. Whether it’s telling your love why they are so special to you or telling an employee what a difference they have made to your team. Luckily when you send an ekuBOX, we have a large choice of greeting cards to choose from, and we hand write your personal note. We even hand-embellish some of our cards with sparkles for an extra special touch.

So even though giving the perfect gift may be challenging, if you follow our tips, it will be much easier to nail it!