Chocolate Fondue

Fondue is the perfect ending to a romantic dinner. It is so easy to make, anyone can do it. You can keep it simple or get creative with your selection of items to dip. Include fresh fruit, marshmallows, cookies, homemade pound cake, angel food cake... The list of what you can use is endless. You can make it super simple or let your imagination run wild. 

I use a fondue pot to serve it in, but if you don't have one - no worries! You can put the chocolate sauce in a little double boiler and put it on a high trivet with a few a tea-lites underneath to keep it warm. 

Now if it's just two of you, then you can dip away and enjoy. If you are making this for a party (it's a great dish for a party) you will need to skewer all the items with long bamboo picks so there's no double dipping.