Aglio e Olio with Anchovy and Limone

When we created the Sunday Sauce Gourmet Gift Box for ēku Box, we wanted pay homage to sauces foundational role in Italian cooking. Our box is all about enjoying family and food. It brings those bright and satisfying flavors of the Mediterranean right to your kitchen. We included the ingredients and a recipe for pasta Aglio e Olio with Anchovy and Limone in the box.

Pasta Aglio e Olio is said to have originated in Naples. Popular because it's so quick to make, ingredients are usually at-hand in the Italian kitchen, and most importantly it's absolutely delicious. In this recipe we have added breadcrumbs and lemon, which make it even more wonderful! The briny character of the anchovies along with the acidity of the lemon gives this sauce a really lively flavor. We like to make our own breadcrumbs with a really good loaf of Italian bread. Using the homemade crumbs really makes a big difference. It adds a great texture and flavor to the pasta dish. The better the bread, the better the pasta dish.

This pasta is quick and easy to make. Perfect for a hot summer night or anytime!


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