5 reasons why the Claudia Nichole Cashmere Topper makes the perfect gift

Cashmere is the pinnacle of luxury, and our topper exudes that exact feeling.  Made from 100% cashmere, this topper is versatile, easy, luxurious and affordable.  It's also our number one seller on our sister site Paulaandchlo.com.  

There are the 5 reasons why our Claudia Nichole Topper makes the absolute perfect gift.  

1. It's sizeless:

There is no need to sneak around the closet or risk guessing a size incorrectly, this baby fits everyone easily.  No matter the way you style it, everyone looks good in our topper. 

2. It's 100% cashmere:

And it feels like butter.  Made from all-natural fibers, it's the perfect, easy companion to drafty rooms and chilly nights. 

3. It can be worn 5 different ways:

The Claudia Nichole topper is seriously versatile, and there are so many ways one can show off their sense of style. 

The Topper – pop it over your head with the seam in the back and you’re ready to go
The A-Symmetrical Poncho – have the seam go down either arm. This way it will lengthen your look. I think this is probably the most flattering look on most people.
The V-Neck – wear the seam in the front. So now it’s longer in the front and shorter in the back. For those of you with a good derrière – this is a good look. Wear it with jeans and a tee or button-down blouse and a long necklace/ pendant to accentuate the neckline.
The tie – put the topper on with the seam down the back. Grab the two tail ends in the back and bring them up to your waist and gently tie them in a knot. Now your topper doesn’t even resemble a topper at all. It looks like a super cute sweater. This style looks good on anyone who’s got a good shape - from 16 to 106. Really! 
The Scarf - Fold the topper into a rectangle. Grab an end with each hand and put the middle of it on the back of your neck. Bring your hands together in front of your head while still holding on to the ends. Take one end and slip it through the hole where you usually put your head through when putting on the topper. Grab the end through the hole and adjust. Voila!


4. It's travel-friendly:

You can literally throw this lightweight poncho in your bag and take it anywhere.  It takes up very little space, it weighs next to nothing and it's the perfect travel companion.  Don't get on a plane without it.  

5. It comes in every color of the rainbow:

With more than 60 colors to choose from, you can find a look just about everyone will love.  Contact us if you need help selecting.