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ekuBOX Sizes

Here's a visual of our box sizes - Small, Medium and Huge boxes are pictured.

Small 10.5 L  X  7.5 W  X  4.5 H - This is our small box. On average it holds between 3 and 6 products. Remember, we don't use samples, we use full size products. The size of the box is in no way indicative of the value of the products within it, it just about the size of the box and what we can fit into it. It's defiantly big enough to be an impressive gift.

Medium  12 L  X  10 W  X  7 H - Our medium box is our most popular size. It holds between 5 and 8 products .

Huge 16.75  X  12.75 W  X  6.5 H - This is our largest box. This size makes for a really impressive gift! It's so large it really gives us room to be creative. Skys the limit!

We are not limited by three sizes - we can stack and mix and create something that is just right for your gift or event.