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The Godfather Gourmet Gift Box


Everyone remembers the first time they saw the stirring, epic film of The Godfather. The critically-acclaimed movie has it all.  You know what else features prominently?  LOTS of Italian food. It's not just about eating good food, the Italian American tradition of breaking bread is about tying family and community closer, and cementing relationships.  It's this idea, and the 35th anniversary of that film, that inspired the Godfather Gourmet Gift Box.  Sourced from Italy, with the exception of the handmade olive wood Parmesan grater from the neighboring mountains of Provence, this collection features flavorful delicacies for you to create your own Italian feast, sure to give the family a meal  "they can't refuse"!.  Choose one of three special sauces, bolognese sauce from a Michelin star chef, a classic Genovese pesto or a Sicilian arrabbiata spicy tomato sauce. We also include handmade chitarra pasta, black truffle salt, fig & walnut panforte and more. Enjoy some entertainment with the officially-licensed "The Godfather" quote book. 

This is a great hostess gift, client gift, perfect for a foodie or food lover's gift, a wonderful closing gift, and the perfect gift for a movie buff.

The Large Box:  Length: 16.5"   Width: 12.5"  Height: 6.25" 


Choose from One of Three Pasta Sauces -

  • Classic Bolognese Sauce - by Alberto Bettini of the Michelin starred restaurant Amerigo in Savigno Italy. Made with local ingredients and slow simmered as tradition requires. Made with Apulian tomatoes, herbs and spices. Absolutely amazing and the best we've had!  Serve Italian style, with just enough sauce to lightly coat a half-pound of pasta. Top with fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano 7.05 oz
  • Anfosso Pesto Con Basilico Genovese DOP - This traditional Genovese style pesto is made in Liguria Italy with PDO basil, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil. Wonderful on roasted meats, poultry or fish. Toss with pasta and a touch of heavy cream for an amazing pesto pasta. Use it as a condiment drizzled over a Caprese salad or panini. 6.35 oz
  • Frantoi Cutrera Arrabbiata Sauce - Segreti di Sicilia. A spicy tomato sauce with just the right amount of heat. Use it alone, or add sautéed shrimp, or any seafood to make a spicy frutti di mare or linguine / spaghetti al vongole. 10.23 oz

Spaghetti ala Chitarra | Filotea - Made in Le Marche region of Italy. This traditional egg pasta, is made with local raw materials, free-range eggs, then hand-folded and cut using old-world techniques. It is all managed by a  "Mastro Pastaio", he changes the recipe every day depending on the humidity, temperature and sun so that each batch is consistent. 8.8 oz

Tartufi Truffle Salt 5% | Selezione - From the heart of Bologna's hills in Savigno, Italy Appennino Funghe e Tartufi has now become one of the leading suppliers of truffle products out of Italy. They are consciousness stewards, selecting and processing the best raw materials with love and respect for the land.  Use this redolent salt sparingly to finish steaks, french fries, risotto, eggs, avocado toast, mac and cheese, popcorn and more to impart that distinctive richness that only truffles offer!  3.5 oz

Bell Pepper Bruschetta | Castellino- Castellino is a very special antipasti producer in the Le Marche region of Italy. Peppers are grilled and roasted to intensify their flavor. This is an addictive take on a classic antipasti. Use it to top grilled Italian bread or sandwiches, add it to a pasta sauce and serve alongside an antipasto platter.

Panforte Fig & Walnut | Marabissi - Panforte is a delicacy with an ancient tradition from Siena, Tuscany. This wonderful fruit and nut cake is made from fig and walnuts. So delicious and flavorful, it pairs perfectly with cheese. Use it on a dessert tray or eat it alone. It's so delicious! 12.35 oz

Parmesan Grater - Our parmesan grater is made of dense olive wood. The grater is stainless steel.   5.90" x 3.35"

  • For best results - Do not use strong detergents.
  • Hand-wash and rinse in warm water and dry in a vertical position. Do not soak!
  • Prevent the wood from drying out by applying a little vegetable oil to the wood.
  • Do not put it in the dishwasher.

The Godfather Classic Quotes by Carlo De Vito - One of the most popular movies of all time celebrates its 35th anniversary. This officially licensed book showcases memorable words from the film like this one from Don Corleone -"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse". Who could forget that one! A great conversation starter and  Godfather memorabilia.

Fresh Garlic, Torrone and Amaretti Di Saronno are included as well.



The Godfather Gourmet Gift Box