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Spanish Paella & Tapas Gourmet Gift Box


Ahh, Spain.  From party-loving Barcelona, mountainous and exotic Basque country,  all the way down to syncretic, sun-drenched Andalusia, Spain's varied culture, climate, and terrain, coupled with an almost religious reverence for tasty food, make Spanish food one of the most distinctive and divine culinary expressions in the world.  Here at eku Box, we decided to give these delicacies a one-way, first-class ticket to your door with our Spanish Paella and Tapas Gourmet Gift Box. A traditionally made paella pan from Spain is included along with the best imported Spanish ingredients to make a briny and bountiful seafood paella with crispy Socorrat and a medley of rich, Iberico chorizo and Sorrano loin tapas. All you have to do is add the seafood! Wash down your delicious, homemade paella with a pitcher of craft sangria, as we include the sangria starter. This gift box will be your own invitation to party. 

We've also included the stunning cookbook of Spanish recipes - Cúrate, by chef and restaurateur Kattie Button. It will help ensure you keep the good times rolling. Oh and the recipe for our amazing paella is included too.

This is a great Birthday gift, Anniversary gift, Housewarming gift, Client Gift, Holiday gift, an amazing gift for the foodie...  

The giftee can access our blog/journal for Seafood Paella Recipe and our Stuffed Piquillo Pepper recipe. Chose from Large and Medium size. Both large and small boxes contain enough rice to feed approximately 16 people if you follow our recipe.


The Large Box:  Length: 16.5"   Width: 12.5"  Height: 6.25" 

Spanish Serrano Loin | Fermin - Made from pigs born, raised and processed entirely in Spain. Considered to be more tasty and complex, aged for 10 months using artisanal methods in La Alberca, Spain. 2 oz  Sliced thinly. All-natural. Gluten-free. Lactose-free. No nitrates or nitrites added.

Iberico Chorizo | Fermin - Artisanal mild chorizo is made from Iberico black hoofed pig, an original breed from Spain. Cured for 40 days using artisanal methods in La Alberca, Spain. Sliced thinly. All-natural. Gluten-free. Lactose-free. No nitrates or nitrites added.

Spanish Paella Pan -15 inch | Paelleras Cid - From Spain, this paella pan is made from carbon steel the traditional way with a dimpled bottom for even heat distribution. The pan will become naturally seasoned the more it is used.

This pan should be washed and seasoned before using the first time. Once washed and seasoned it should be rubbed with oil to prevent rusting. See our blog for directions on how to properly clean the paella pan before the first use, and how to season the pan.

Never heat over 480 degrees. Do not put in the oven.

Spanish Bomba Rice | Antonio Tomas -  An ancient strain of short-grain rice that absorbs up to 3 times its weight in liquid. Perfect for making paella, it will absorb lots of flavors and won't stick together.   2.2 lbs

Organic Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil | La Cultivada - Made from 100% organic arbequina olives, this wonderfully flavorful oil is great for dressings, as a dip for crusty bread, and perfect for drizzling over vegetables. 8.45 oz

Saffron from Spain | Safrante - This aromatic spice is known for its bright yellow color and wonderful flavor. These saffron threads, from the crocus sativus flower, are all-natural, grown without pesticides and fertilizers. 1 g

Smoked Spanish Paprika | Safinter - Certified PimentÃn de la Vera DOP, made with oak-fired native peppers from Spain. This spice will give the paella and other foods a wonderful smokey flavor. 

Handcrafted Mediterranean Crisps | Ines Rosales Olive Oil - Rosemary & Thyme crisps - Since 1910 Ines Rosales have been crafting Tortas in Spain. These light and delicate crisps are great with tapas, and cheese.  6.34 oz 

Sweet Sangria Olives | Divina - These olives have a sweet orange flavor, made with dried tangerine, orange peel and white wine vinegar. This unusual olive will go nicely with tapas dishes such as cheeses and cured meats. 14 oz Made in Greece

Piquillo Peppers | La Caterdral De Navarra - 100% natural artisanal and traceable grown in Spain. The wonderful little peppers are sweet with a light smokey flavor, perfect for stuffing or enjoy them with crusty bread and olive oil. Check our blog for our stuffed piquillo recipe. They are out-of-this-world! A great tapas dish.

Sangria Starter Cocktail Kit | Camp Craft Cocktail -  This sangria kit makes it super easy to create a really wonderful sangria for this paella party. Dried lemon, orange, cherries and citrus-infused non-GMO vegan sugar is housed in a glass jar ready and just waiting for brandy or wine. Once alcohol is added, the jar should be refrigerated for three days or more. To serve sangria add the mixture to a pitcher, add fresh fruit, fresh orange juice, then fill the remainder with wine. Serve over ice with a splash of sparkling water.  Recipe card is included by Camp Craft Cocktail.

Cúrate - Authentic Spanish Food from an American Kitchen by Katie Button - Award-winning restauranteur Katie Button debuts her first cookbook. Filled with 125 wonderful recipes that celebrate the vibrant flavors of Spanish food.

Tapas/Appetizer plates | Mudpie -  Set of four ceramic tidbit plates with debossed sentiments along the rim. Made of dolomite 6.5" x 4.5" 

An ekuBOX recipe card - A recipe card for Paula's Seafood Paella. A wonderful dish using many of the gift box's ingredients.

The cheese in the photo is not included in this box.

When you shop with us you're helping us plant a forest. By purchasing this gift box - you are planting a tree. 


Spanish Paella & Tapas Gourmet Gift Box