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Rescue Me


If we're found listless and depressed - please administer chocolate immediately! Lol! That's our position. We may say that in good fun, but it has been a tough year for everyone and we all need some help to de-stress and relax. We just had to create a gift box for anyone who needs a fun little pick-me-up. The flask can house a favorite beverage, light the candle, draw a bath and have a little chocolate treat. What a great way to pick up someone's spirits.

Milk Chocolate | Tony's Chocoloney*  - An absolutely delicious Belgian milk chocolate bar made with fair trade cocoa and sugar. 6.35 oz.

Ceramic FlaskA classical style ceramic flask with a secure clasp and an eye-catching design. This piece was styled after antique flasks that would have been used during cross-country treks.

Unplug Bath Soak | Pursoma - When it's time to unplug and relax - this revitalizing Lemon Verbena bath will leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Lemon Verbena is known to be a powerful herb for its ability to awaken a tired body, reduce stress and reset the digestive system. French Clay will leave the skin soft, nourished, and toned.

Goji Tarocco Orange Candle | Voluspa - The Japonica collection glass is embossed in an intricate design, inspired by Japanese paper making. The scent- goji berry, tarocco orange and mango. 15 hr burn time 1.8 oz.

*During warm weather or if shipping to a warm climate we will replace the chocolate with candy of equal value like Sugarfina candy.


When you shop with us you're helping us plant a forest. By purchasing this gift box - you are planting a tree. 

Rescue Me