Picnic in Provence Gourmet Gift Box - eku Box
Picnic in Provence Gourmet Gift Box - eku Box gift boxes
pate de fruits - 20 degrees - eku box French Picnic in Provence
Thieffry Kitchen Towels from France - eku Box
Goulibeur Galettes butter shortbread - eku Box
Olive wood tapas dish - eku Box
l'abeile Occitane chestnut tree honey - eku Box
L'epicurien apple cider confit with calvados - eku Box
moutard Royale pommery mustard - eku Box
huilerie d'opio nicoise olive in oil - eku Box
Groix and Nature Scallop Rillettes - eku Box
French Picnic Salt - eku Box
Fig Honey olive oil crackers - eku Box
A L'ovivier garlic and thyme olive oil - eku Box
Caviar d'aubergines eggplant spread - eku Box
Call me Caramel Gruyere Cheese Caramels - eku Box

Picnic in Provence Gourmet Gift Box

Our Picnic in Provence Gourmet Food Box will transport you to another place.  We hand-picked items that are steeped in tradition and made in France. Like the jaw-dropping Saturday Market in Nice, this box will provide you with a great foundation for a French experience you'll never forget.  Savor olives from Provence, chestnut tree honey and handmade French fruit candies - pâte de fruits - the best we've ever had!  This box is a truly French experience, with large woven linen napkins/ kitchen towels made by the oldest linen producer in France, along with a lovely carved olive wood serving dish, and so much moreC'est Magnifique!

The Large Box:  Length: 16.5"   Width: 12.5"  Height: 6.25" 

Traditionally Crafted  100%  Irish Linen Dish Towels | Thieffry  - Since 1837, Thieffry has produced timeless linens in Roubaix, France, making it the oldest producer of linen goods in France. Each piece is made in Europe from flax to finish. Linen is lint-free, non-static, doesn't pill, and naturally repels mold and moths. It gets softer with use and washing and it is hypo-allergenic. Perfect as a large napkin for a picnic or use them as dish towels. Done in a natural flax color with a woven red, white and blue stripe of the French tricolor.   Two 22" x 32" included.

Olive Wood Serving Dish - This handsome serving dish is hand-carved from a single slab of olive wood, and is sized perfectly for picnics, olives, nuts, crackers or candies and would make a lovely addition to an antipasto, charcuterie, or tapas table.  13" x 3" Made in Tunisia. Hand-wash. Occasionally rub with a little olive oil to lubricate the wood.

Pâtes de Fruits | 20 Degrees - From chocolatier Casey Hickey in Charlotte North Carolina, this artisan handmade French confection is beyond special. They are intense, sweet, tart and so fruity- the best we have ever had! Enjoy an amazing array of flavors made from imported French fruits - Kalamansi, Passion Fruit-Mango, Blood Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry.

Nicoise Olives in Oil with Provence Herbs |  Moulins de la Brague Huilerie D'Opio Nothing says Provence like perfectly ripened black olives. A specialty from Nice, France, these olives are preserved in olive oil and herbs de Provence. They are full of flavor, a delicious accompaniment for a picnic, great with cheeses, sausages, and some French bread.    5.3 oz

Garlic and Thyme Infused Olive Oil | A 'Olivier -  Since 1822, this French company has been producing olive oil and infusing them with flavors from fresh herbs and plants. Smooth and delicious, this olive oil has the flavor of garlic and thyme. Perfect for dipping, drizzling or cooking.

Chestnut Tree Honey for Cheese | L'Abeille Occitane - The bees that make this honey feed predominantly on chestnut flowers.  The earthy flavors it imparts will pair well with Blue Cheese, Roquefort, Stilton, and Gorgonzola. 4.4 oz 

Apple Cider & Calvados Confit | L'Epicurien - This confit is made with Calvados( an apple brandy} and apple cider. Pair it with a nice Camembert or Brie.   4.4 oz

Eggplant Spread | Delices du Luberon - This delicious spread is made from a combination of black olives, grilled eggplant, and garlic. Wonderful on crusty French bread or crackers.

Scallop Rillettes | Groix et Nature - Delicately prepared with fresh scallops, butter, parsley and shallots. Inspired by Coquilles Saint Jacques.  It melts in your mouth. Spread this on a delicious cracker or crusty bread.

French Picnic Sea Salt | Beautiful Briney Sea - A bright tangy combination of Dijon mustard, garlic and herbs de Provence. Wonderful for roasting spring vegetables and salad dressings. 8. oz

Fig, Honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers | The Fine Cheese Co. A great subtle flavored cracker, perfect for cheese, especially any sheep's milk cheese. 

Moutarde Royale Cognac | Pommery -This mustard from Meaux France, is amazingly smooth, a wonderful condiment for sandwiches, sausage, roasted and smoked meats, cheeses, or to use in cooking. The Pommery family has been making their secret recipe since 1760. 4.5 oz

French Shortbread | Goulibeur- Made in the Poitou-Charentes region of France, this traditional French fan-shaped shortbread is made with fresh butter, sugar, sea salt and wheat flour. Simply delicious! 

Gruyère Cheese Caramel | Call Me Caramel - These are the MOST unusual caramels we have ever had, so we just had to include them in this awesome gift box. They are crazy good! Infused with authentic Gruyère AOP cheese from Switzerland. These caramels are sweet, savory, and umami. The Gruyère AOP is melted into milk and cream and then folded into caramelizing sugar, where it is finished with sea salt.  These caramels pair nicely with cheeses. A perfect ending to a picnic in Provence. These amazing caramels are made by a cheese nerd in Brooklyn New York.

Little French Pulpi Candy | BonBon Barnier - Bonbon Barnier has been making exceptional confections in Normandy since 1885. These mini candies are filled with pure fruit pulp favors. For an extra sweet treat, we sprinkle these little gems around the box.

The French bread pictured in one of the photographs is not included in this box.

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