Children's Space gift box - Eku Box
Kid' space gift box - eku Box
Artisan Space Chalk - Eku Box
Lost in Space
Planet Chalk Interior layers - Eku Box
Space for kids who love space - eku box
Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich - Eku Box
Astronaut Whole Strawberries - Eku Box
Aviator sunglasses - teeny tiny optics - Eku Box
galaxy slime

Lost in Space

This kids gift box is out of this world! Perfect for a kid or kids who love to play and learn something along the way. Let them explore the Solar System with a fun book on space. Let them play with our solar system a 9 piece hand-made, hand-painted chalk planet set is included. The artisan chalk is absolutely beautiful and they are layered with colors. They'll have a blast playing with the galaxy slime. The aviator glasses will get them in the spirit while protecting their eyes with 100% UV protection. What kid doesn't want Astronaut ice cream? We've included that too, along with Astronaut whole strawberries. This is a gender-neutral box.

Please choose sunglasses color. Choose an additional pair of sunglasses as an option if you're sending a box for more than one child.

Age range - 4 to 8 years old

Medium Gift Box  = L 12"  x  W 10"  x   D 7" 

Mason's Planets Sidewalk Chalk for Autism Research - The coolest sidewalk chalk around! This chalk is absolutely beautiful. A full nine-piece solar system is included. Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto planets have two layers of color - outer core and inner core. Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus have three layers of color - an outer core, inner core and crust. $2.00 from each sale will be donated by Twee to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to support Autism research. Dimensions - Larger 2.5" diameter and smaller 1.5" in diameter.

Aviator Sunglasses | Teeny Tiny Optics - Comes in either silver with blue or gold with pink mirror lens. 100% UV protection

Freeze-Dried Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich and Strawberries - Let the little one experience what Astronauts eat for treats. Neapolitan ice cream, broken into smaller bite-size pieces, sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. Whole Strawberries are included too. Due to the fact, this product is fragile and during the shipping process, this product may arrive in bite-size pieces/chunks.

Smart Kids: Space: For Kids Who Really Love Space! By Roger - A fact-packed book that touches on the Solar System, Milky Way, from Mars to Mercury, UFOs to the Space Shuttle. The Book is written in an accessible and fun style. Perfect to introduce a child aged three and over to the fascinating world of space.

Galaxy Slime - multi-color slime. Shape it, bounce it. Non-toxic  



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