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Grill Master's BBQ


Looking for the perfect gift for the BBQ lover?  How about one for the man or woman who can barely hold tongs correctly?  Our Grill Master's BBQ Box can inspire even the most novice griller to change his or her tune. Filled with Lillie's Q Carolina BBQ sauce -our favorite, and Carolina Dirt Rub, along with Gunpowder Black Hawaiian finishing salt, a very cool canvas apron and cast iron sauce pot and brush.

Medium Gift Box  = L 12"  x  W 10"  x   D 7" 


Carolina BBQ Sauce | Lillie's Q -  This balanced and tangy sauce is crafted to honor Western Carolina traditions. Made with 100% natural ingredients. Apple and lime juice is two of the secret ingredients that give it a special flavor. Use this wonderful sauce on pulled pork, brisket, and smoked chicken. We think it's great on just about everything. Dip your fries and roasted potatoes in it too. A great condiment, 20 oz bottle.

Carolina Dirt | Lillie's Q - Every BBQ master needs a great BBQ Rub. Lillie's Q Carolina Dirt is our rub of choice. It's the perfect sugar-based rub for slow-cooked unbeatable flavor. Use it on pork, chicken, beef or fish. We even use it with a little olive oil to roast our potatoes. 3.5 oz bottle.

Gun Powder Finishing Salt - A meal isn't complete without the perfect salt. The Gun Powder Finishing Salt features a black Hawaiian volcanic salt, smoky chipotle pepper, garlic, onion, sumac and more. It's full of flavor, tangy, smoky, with a bit of heat. A great finish for grilled meats, fried foods, and of course BBQ. 5oz.

Cast Iron BBQ Sauce Pan - Cast Iron BBQ Sauce Pan with a silicone brush that nestles conveniently in the handle for easy basting. Because creating layers of flavor is key to great BBQ.

Canvas BBQ Apron - This apron will make even a novice griller look like a serious pro. Made of durable canvas with faux leather straps and pockets. It features an adjustable neck strap and two front pockets to hold tools - everything you need, a thermometer, tongs or a beer.

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Grill Master's BBQ