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Bourbon Lovers


Prior to the days of prohibition (and during), Bourbon was the go-to drink for the American man but it's making a comeback for everyone. This box is curated for the one who loves a good glass...just add bourbon. From Tristan Stephenson's book on his epic tour of more than 40 unique distilleries to bourbon infused jerky, Stainless Steel Ice Cubes, Bourbon Candied Pecans, Bourbon Honey, Jack Rudy Demerara Syrup, Luxardo Cherries and more... Its box is filled with wonderful gifts for bourbon lovers. Also perfect for the person who's ready to explore this flavor profile.

This box is huge! It is packaged in our largest gift box:  Length: 16.5"   Width: 12.5"  Height: 6.25 " The glasses will be shipping in a separate small gift box.  


Glencairn Glass Flight | Barrel Art -  Every Bourbon lover needs a good set of flight glasses. This is for the serious drinker who demands the best. The flight includes three Glencairn glasses and a handcrafted tray made from reclaimed red wine barrels accented with galvanized steel on each side. A fabulous piece to add to a collection.

8 Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Like your bourbon on the rocks? Ours are Stainless Steel Ice Cubes and can cool a drink down without dilution. A handy little freezer tray is included along with a pair of mini tongs. 

Gigger - Graduated 1 ounce / 2 ounce - Graduated on both sides, allowing the user to measure accurately.

Measurements include 1/2 ounce, 3/4 ounce, 1 ounce, 1 1/2 ounce, and 2 ounce.

The Curious Bartender's Whiskey Road Trip - Bestselling author and whiskey connoisseur Tristan Stephenson takes an epic tour of more than 40 unique distilleries. This book is filled with interesting discoveries and information that will intrigue any whiskey/ bourbon lover. Cocktail recipes are included too!! 

Every Bourbon lover needs the tools to make a perfect Manhattan, so we've included a few items to make the famous cocktail:

  • Maraschino Cherries \ Luxardo - These are nothing like the cherries you had in your kiddie cocktail when you were a kid. These cherries come from the Luxardo distillery - founded in 1821, their cherries are used in the worlds' best bars by the most famous mixologists. They are made with sour Marasca cherries. Use the syrup and the cherries to create a whole variety of wonderful concoctions, and of course, a classic Manhattan is a must. Made in Italy - 14.1 oz
  • Aromatic Bitters | King Floyds -  Handcrafted in small batches, King Floyd's Aromatic Bitters will add complex flavors to your cocktails - notes of bitter orange, spices and elderberry will rise to meet the senses. The perfect Manhattan awaits! 3.4 fl oz
  • Demerara Syrup | Jack Rudy Cocktail Company - This is not your typical simple syrup, it has more flavor and depth. Demerara Syrup has a warm flavor with a nuanced roundness, leaving subtle notes of toffee and caramel on the palate. But rather than overtaking the flavors of the other ingredients, this Demerara Syrup was born to elevate them. Use it in place of any syrup or sugar for craft cocktails, coffees or desserts. 8 oz. bottle

We included some bourbon-infused goodies to snack away while you drink.

  •  Bourbon Franklin Beef Jerky and Habanero Escobar | Righteous Felon - all-natural pastured raised beef.
  •  Bourbon Pecans | Molly & Me Pecans - made with pecan flavored bourbon. Crunchy and oh so delicious. All-natural, gluten-free, and farm-fresh. 7 oz
  •  Bourbon Infused Honey | Cloister Honey- From bee to bottle... The owners of this artisan honey company infuse their Carolina 100% honey with Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Smooth and sweet with a hint of bourbon, perfect to glaze chops, wings, salmon, or spread it on toast. 

This Unique Bourbon Gift is Perfect for: 

Birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Holiday Gift, College Graduation, Gift for the Groom, gift for them, Housewarming gift, New Home Gift. Makes an awesome client gift.

When you shop with us you're planting a forest. By purchasing this gift box - you are planting a tree. 

Bourbon Lovers