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It's All About Truffles


 It's All About Truffles gift box is truly a gift for the truffle lover. No not chocolate truffles, but the fungi kind of truffle. The amazing little tubers have a deep earthy aromatic flavor that enhances everything from steaks to french fries. A little goes a long way/ A little drizzle or sprinkling of salt, honey or olive oil will add a whole new dimension to the foods you love. This wonderful gift box includes - from France - a White Truffle infused olive oil by A L'Olivier, Tartufi  Black Truffle Salt 10% from Italy, and a Tartufi Acacia-Honey from Italy/  This collection is accompanied by a Teak Salt Cellar, Olive Wood Honey Dipper, and a Cotton Hand Towel. 


Small Box: Length: 10.5"  Width: 7.5"  Height: 4.5" H 

White Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin | A L'Olivier - The white truffle or Tuber Magnatum is a rare and prized treasure hidden in the Alba region of Piedmont in Italy. It is one of the rarest jewels that nature produces.

Combined with olive oil, the precious mushroom reveals its delicate aromas on a steamed potato, on a grilled steak with cream, in a risotto or simply on pasta.


98% extra virgin olive oil, 1% Tuber Magnatum white truffle extract, aroma. Imported from France. 5 fl oz

Tartufi Black Truffle Salt 10% | Selezione - This wonderful sea salt will enhance grilled meats and fish, pasta, vegetables, and even french fries and popcorn. The 10% Black Truffle adds a higher concentration of the aromatic earthy truffle flavor to your favorite foods.

Ingredients - Sea Salt, Truffles, Natural Flavors 3.5 oz

Tartufi Truffle Acacia-Honey | Selezione - A lovely blend of Black Truffles and Sicilian Acacia Honey. Drizzle over cheese, glaze meat or let your imagination go.

Ingredients - Acacia-honey, black summer truffle 1% (Tuber Aestivum Vitt), Flavoring. Preservative-free 3.5 oz

Olive Wood Honey Dipper - Great for honey and jams.5"

Teak Wood Salt Cellar and Spoon Just right to serve the truffle salt in. 2.75" square, 1.5" height, spoon 3.25" length.  

Organic Chef's Towel - A handcrafted Fouta  Cotton Hand Towel in herringbone with 2 strips. - 20" x 28" Maid in Tunisia.

It's All About Truffles