The (unofficial) Bridgerton Tea Set

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Our (unofficial) Bridgerton Tea Set is inspired by the Regency period of the early 1800's. We know anyone who appreciates that time period will surely love the gift box we have curated.

Dearest Readers, The ton are abuzz with the latest gossip, and so it is my honor to impart to you: ekuBOX has officially created the unofficial Bridgerton Tea Gift Set. To receive one of these will be a delightful occasion indeed. This author has been reliably informed that it is filled with delectable treats and anyone who receives one as a gift is among a special few. It is sure to be an enviable gift indeed.

Yours Truly,

Lady E

1 product
the unofficial Bridgerton Tea Set  by ekuBOX
The unofficial Bridgerton Tea Set including the unofficial Bridgerton book of afternoon tea inspired by the characters of the show - Tea gift set by
The (unofficial) Bridgerton Tea Set Gift Box