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Morning Brew


A curated selection to stimulate a better morning routine.  Our Morning Brew Box has an elegant assortment of items like Teapressa Manhattan Black Tea - intense enough that even the boldest coffee aficionado will appreciate, along with, rose sugar cubes, artisan caramels, espresso cups and more... Substitute Black Cat Analog Espresso by Intelligentsia or add both to this box. Your choice.

This gift box makes for a wonderful housewarming gift, a unique corporate gift, gift for a new homeowner...

Medium Gift Box  = L 12"  x  W 10"  x   D 7" 


Manhattan Black Tea | Teapressa - This is a very special tea. Bold and toasty with chocolate notes, it's a wonderful coffee alternative. Brew it like you would coffee or espresso. Made from a specially crafted loose black tea, it pairs well with full-flavored foods and hearty dishes. Add the rose embedded sugar cubes for a unique flavor, 3.84 oz. 

Rose Sugar Cubes | Teapressa - These unique sugar cubes are an infusion of fresh rose extract and cane sugar. All-natural, this sweet cube has the taste of freshly picked rose, perfect in the Manhattan Black Tea, or pop it in a glass of bubbly to add a unique flavor. 6 cubes.

Handmade Caramels  | Mouth Party- Handmade caramels in assorted flavors - original, sea salt, Chesapeake, Chocolate sea salt, and OMG! are all included. Made with heavy cream and butter. So yummy!  6 oz bag

Stovetop Moka Pot - Found in every Italian kitchen, a classic Italian stovetop espresso maker. Make espresso or Manhattan Black Tea effortlessly. 3 cup.

Stacking Espresso Cups - White Stoneware cups in 4 patterns are microwave and dishwasher safe. Each holds 3 3/8 oz and stands 2 3/4." Includes 4 stackable cups. 

Tea Tablespoon - This rose gold tea tablespoon will surely make anyone smile. Engraved with Hey There, Hot-Tea. 

Cotton Kitchen Towel - An organic cotton towel with a traditional design. 

When you shop with us you're helping us plant a forest. By purchasing this gift box - you are planting a tree. 

Morning Brew