Celebrating Bridgerton with our Unofficial Bridgerton Tea Set Gift Box.

We are celebrating the new season of Bridgerton with the debut of our Unofficial Bridgerton Tea Set Gift Box. Along with that, we decided it was necessary to indulge and watch the first season of Bridgerton again. Just making sure we are ready for season two. We must say, dearest readers, it was indeed as good as the first time around. Now that we are ready for the new season, it got us thinking about all the romantic movies and mini-series we love - Bridgerton, Downton Abby, Jane Aire, Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma, to name a few. All of these wonderful films have a lot of commonalities – two obvious ones are - they are all set in England and drinking tea takes an important place in the social lives of all the characters. So, we thought we should have a little tea talk and give you some tips on how to make the perfect cuppa just in case you don’t know.

Tea Talk:


There are 4 main types of tea - White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, and Oolong Tea. Then there is herbal tea, which is not actually tea but an herbal infusion (which may be any combination of flowers, herbs, spices ect... ). There are literally thousands of varieties of tea, all which are said to have different health benefits. From increasing your immunity to reducing the risk of cancer, dementia, and other diseases, many believe in the healing properties of tea.


Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world. [1] Although there are teas that are $600,000. per pound, in general, tea is relatively inexpensive. For some tea is just a pleasant beverage, but in many societies, like the English, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, etc… tea takes a very important place in their culture and their everyday practices. For many the preparation of tea and drinking tea is ritualistic and practiced with intention. For some, it is more of a social event and just part of everyday life.

 So how does one make the perfect cup of tea? That of course depends on what culture you are referring to. Circling back to the Bridgerton set, which of course takes place in London, there is definitely a method to making a perfect cup of tea.

  • Heat water to 212º for black tea and 158º for green tea
  • Add hot water to a tea pot
  • Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per teacup plus one extra spoonful
  • Let tea steep – 5 minutes for black tea and 3 minutes for green tea
  • Strain tea into tea cup
  • Add honey or sugar
  • Always add the milk last (if desired)

 For the British, there is also the etiquette of how to serve and drink tea. So not to bore you with all the details we will not discuss that at this time. Please note, if you plan to partake in tea with the royals, be sure to learn the does and don’ts of tea etiquette before doing so. Let’s just say it would be a major faux pas to stir your tea in the wrong direction!!

Anyone who loves Bridgerton will love our Unofficial Bridgerton Tea Set Gift Box! What an absolute delightful gift for someone special or for yourself. Take a look and see what it is all about in the video below.



The unofficial Bridgerton Tea Gift Set 

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